Flex Belt Review: How to Tone Abs Successfully

The stomach area is one of the parts of the body where fats are stored, and this is a concern of many individuals. However that won’t be much of a problem anymore since people can try many different ways to develop their abs. One of the best techniques is through utilizing the Flex Belt. It is a one-of-a-kind tummy toning belt that can very easily give you the abs that you’ve wished without spending hours in different ab exercises.

If you’re looking for stronger abs, Flex Belt got you covered. This has been available for almost 4 decades now, and thousands of people have experienced the efficiency it provides. Numerous studies has been completed to check if this belt provides good results. Hence, people can be assured that the Flex Belt is the real thing. If you wish to know more on what’s in store for you on this product, then read through flex belt reviews.

What are the attributes that make Flex Belt standout?

A hallmark function of this equipment is its simplicity of usage. You don’t need to do other items or workout to use it. You just need to wear the belt in your abdomen, switch it on, and it will simply do its job. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology that can contract your stomach muscles. The intensity of the pulses can be adjusted also according to your choice.

With the help of the belt, it will lose the fats accumulated in your tummy area. Therefore, you don’t have to do crunches or sit-ups and other exhausting routines anymore. You will get to use the belt no matter what your activities at any given time. So, if you are at home or at work, you can be assured that you’ll be able to acquire your preferred abs. You can read in flex belt review in which users are stating that the belt is effective to utilize as results showed up in less than 2 months. Definitely, this is a great development for your abs.

Some other Flex Belt benefits that you ought to know.

Even though Flex Belt was designed to work in the abdominal muscles, it can help relieve back problems also. This is also helpful for housewives and working mommies who are always doing all the house chores. If you will use Flex Belt , you can say goodbye to that stubborn abdominal fats and get rid of the pain you feel in your back. When you have a bad posture, you can use the belt to improve it. In addition to your abs, you can use Flex Belt in the waist also to trim down fats located in the area without effort. This is also a great equipment for women who just gave birth if they wish to have their old figure.

If you are incapable of sparing time for abs exercises, then Flex Belt would have been a wonderful equipment to consider purchasing. This belt will not bring you any troubles instead it brings you results. Indeed, it is the ideal tool you should buy.

Lots of people invest some time in conducting research on Flex Belt Reviews that will be pertinent and essential for your needs. The main thing is the thing that you must do immediately after piling up tons of relevant info. In times that you’re uncertain, give time to evaluate it or inquire someone’s advice. Do not ever allow something small get in your way. A wonderful location to learn more is http://abbeltreviews.net/, and they’ve got proven beneficial to a large number of people.

2013 Ford Flex
flex belt
Image by Automotive Rhythms
2013 Ford Flex: Flex offers the new generation of My Ford Touch(R), rear-inflatable belts, collision-avoidance technologies, rain-sensing wipers, keyless entry, first-row heated and cooled seats, power-fold mirrors and an optional new appearance package. (03/09/12)

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Pros and Cons of the Flex Belt

Who wouldn’t like a flat and toned belly without the enjoy handles? But how many people are able to obtain that dream? It requires following an exercise regimen and having a great diet to see the results. Not numerous individuals have the time or the inclination to carry on with a fitness regimen, especially considering that it is time-consuming and the outcomes are not fast sufficient.
The Flex Belt promises to flatten and tone the abs by targeting distinct muscles in the abdomen. The product is especially perfect for people who are not fit sufficient to be able to do push ups and crunches that are crucial for flat and toned abs. There are some pros and cons of using this belt, which the consumer need to know so that he can make an informed decision.

Pros of Flex Belt

o This belt is an ergonomic remedy for individuals with much less time and far more wishes for flat abs.

o It is lightweight and can be utilized anywhere and anytime with no one being wiser. Just wear it around your abdomen and let it function on your abs by targeting the core muscles.

o It works on the principle of EMS i.e. Electric Muscle Stimulation, a technologies, which has been used by physical therapists considering that long for the treatment of patients who could not move their own muscles. Electrical impulses are generated near the targeted muscles causing muscle contract. This contraction of muscles causes calorie burning, leading to burning of fat from the abdomen.

o There are adjustable training programs and the user can either opt for the built-in programs or manually set them.

o Unlike doing exercises, which may possibly strain the back, this belt has no adverse effect on the back.

o The manufacturers give a 60 days cash back guarantee along with 2 years warranty. As a result, if the user is dissatisfied with the product, he can return it and expect a complete refund.

o The product has the approval of FDA and is secure to use.
Cons of Flex Belt

o The equipment is a small expensive, a truth that is not mentioned in the advertisements.

o The advertisement has been worded in a misleading way. It says that it works finest “for 100% of its users”. Even so, there is a very good possibility that 100% of the users who bought the Flex Belt might not have really employed it often sufficient to see the results.

o There are no free trial periods for the product, so you have to buy it outright to be able to use it.

o The income back guarantee on the product is valid only if it is bought by means of the official web site of Flex Belt.

o The Flex Belt has the FDA approval. FDA has approved it only for its safety but does not vouch for its effectiveness.
Soon after weighing the pros and cons, there is still 1 factor that can undoubtedly be said about the Flex Belt, and that is millions of user reviews did appear to be very pleased about their outcomes.

Although there is no denying the fact that there may well be a couple of users who left it midway or did not even give it a attempt simply because of numerous factors but it still is acclaimed to be a extremely powerful product. It is greatest to don’t forget that a healthy diet plan need to also be followed to maximize the effects of the Flex Belt workout program.

The Flex Belt is an ergonomic solution for people with less time and more wishes for flat abs. Find more information about Flex Belt just click on link.

2013 Ford Flex
flex belt
Image by Automotive Rhythms
2013 Ford Flex: Flex offers the new generation of My Ford Touch(R), rear-inflatable belts, collision-avoidance technologies, rain-sensing wipers, keyless entry, first-row heated and cooled seats, power-fold mirrors and an optional new appearance package. (03/09/12)

Getting a Perfect Figure with the Help of the Gym and the Flex Belt

If you have started a new healthier lifestyle or you are a regular at the gym you might have found that there are certain area’s with your body that you find quite hard to tone. The main objective for the majority of people who do go to the gym is to lose weight especially around there midsection.
Who wouldn’t love to have a flat midsection of even better still a six pack to be proud off but the problem is a lot of people do find that the abdominal region is to be the hardest body part to tone. If you have been struggling to get a flatter and stronger midsection and you tired of doing hundreds and hundreds of crunches a week and not noticing any difference within you abdominal region, you may want to check out what others are saying about the Flex Belt by taking a look at the Flex Belt reviews. This device is a toning belt that contracts you abs and help you achieve your goals to getting that six pack that you have always wanted.

For me today is the day that I’m going to start my new healthy eating plan and to start exercising so l can improve my fitness levels and hopefully get rid of this weight which has built up around my midsection. Easier said than done l knows but this time I’m determined to lose the fat.

I’ve joined the local gym with a close friend of mine who is also trying to achieve the same goals as me. Our routines at the gym at the moment involves doing a lot of cardio exercises such as running on the treadmill, rowing and even on the cross trainer (I look a fool on that machine but then again l think everyone does), I’ve also started to lift the weights as well.

It was my friend who recommended to me to purchase The Flex Belt to speed up the process of getting a flatter stomach, if I’m honest l didn’t have a clue what she was talking about so l ended up looking on the internet to try and find a little bit more information about this product and that’s when l came across the Flex Belt reviews. I found out this was a toning belt that helps the user get a stronger and flatter midsection within eight weeks. With so many glowing reviews about this product l might take my friends advice and purchase the Flex Belt for myself.

With the help of the Flex Belt and the gym hopefully in the next two to three months l will see a new me.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the the flex belt reviews

Image from page 167 of “Applied anatomy and kinesiology” (1917)
flex belt
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: appliedanatomyki01bowe
Title: Applied anatomy and kinesiology
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Bowen, Wilbur P. [from old catalog]
Publisher: [n.p.]
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
asti muscles, however, are in strongcontraction; the extent to which they lengthen will fix the extent offlexion of the knee; to give the required position of the trunk thehamstrings must shorten and the rectus lengthen slightly as theknees flex. Since this is not an inherited coordination, like running,it has to be learned by voluntary effort and practice. 166 MOVEMENTS OF THE KNEE-JOINT The question naturally arises now whether the two-joint muscleslose their individual action to flex and extend the hip and kneewhen they act to tie these joints together and make their move-ments correspond. The group on one side tends to extend the hipand flex the knee while the opposite one tends to flex the hip andextend the knee; when both contract with the same force it seemsas though they would neutralize each others action and thereforeact passively, as a belt or connecting rod acts, to transfer to the ^3 ^^^^^r^^ Kj^k 0« 1 1 k9 1 Fig. 97.—Natural position when knees arebent while standing.

Text Appearing After Image:
-Position used in Swedishgymnastics. other joint any force applied at one of them. If, however, wereplace the cords in the model shown in Fig. 96 by rubber bands,so as to bring to bear on the apparatus the natural tension of con-tracting muscles, the two-joint muscles acting alone will extendboth joints; still more surprising, if we replace either one of thetwo cords by a rubber band and leave the other cord in place, itwill extend both joints as before. We are thus confronted by theproblem, How can the hamstring muscles, which are flexors of theknee, cause extension of the knee? How can a cord tied across two VASTUS INTERMEDIUS 167 joints give to a muscle that is primarily a flexor of a joint theability to extend it? Dr. Lombard has explained this apparent contradiction by show-ing that the two-joint muscles of the thigh have better leverage asextensors than as flexors. The hamstring muscles have betterleverage at the hip and the rectus femoris at the knee; the pull ofthe hamstring,

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

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The Flex Belt – So Far So Good

For many years now I’ve been getting myself down the gym to get myself into a decent shape and to improve my fitness levels. I’ve been going to the gym four times a week doing cardio, weight lifting and working on my core. Whilst working out my core I’ve done many different exercises to help me get a six pack but the trouble is it didn’t matter how hard or how often l worked on my core l was never able to achieve rock hard abs. I also know that to get the perfect abs it’s not just all about exercise, l need to be eating quite healthy as well to achieve my goal which l do anyway (maybe the odd take away here and there).

It’s been two months now since l started using the flex belt and I’ve got to admit I’ve been quite shocked with the results that I’ve been getting from using this toning belt, I’ve strapped the belt around my waist every day for the last eight weeks. The main reason l decided to purchase this product was because after reading the flex belt reviews and taking a look at the official website l found out if l wasn’t happy with the product l would be able to get a full refund on the money l paid to purchase this product because it came with a sixty day money back guarantee.

I was expecting to be sending the Flex Belt back to the website where l purchased the product from and take advantage of the sixty day money back guarantee because l was convinced that this product wouldn’t work for me. I’ve decided not to do that and to keep the product because I’m very satisfied with the results that I’ve gotten over the last eight weeks.

So how does the Flex Belt work? Once the belt was strapped around my midsection all l needed to do was to choose which intensity l would like to use during my workout and turn the belt on, once the belt had been turned on pockets of electronic pulses started to contract my abdominal area. With each workout only lasting thirty minutes it shaw does save me a lot of time. One of the best things about this product is that l can strap the flex belt around my midsection put my shirt over the Flex Belt and get on with my every day activities.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the the flex belt reviews

Simplified Martin Baker Mk F7, Vought F-8 Crusader, colors & shapes breakdown cartoon.
flex belt
Image by wbaiv
Colors and approximate (cartoon) shapes of the larger bits and pieces of a Martin Baker Mk F7 ejection seat. There are two views here – a profile, a more-or less plan-view from ahead/above. Call it a "2 view". I’ve separated the exploded isometric to a different image and tightened up the edges and alignments here.

Here’s a nice isometric drawing of an assembled seat using these colors:

Top to bottom, the pieces here are
the drogue parachute cover (kakhi) with drogue gun weight, stainless steel flex connecting the weight to the drogue, and the main parachute extraction cable. Drogue gun now shown yet, its a black cylinder with red warning stickers, on the port, upper end of the beam.

Drogue parachute and headrest box

Main parachute cover, gray-green fabric enclosing and protecting the parachute.

Main parachute container, Rigid plastic horseshoe shape, open at the top. Attaches to the beam between the drogue box / head rest and the seat pan.

Seat pan (black)

larger, thinner, back cushion (gray green)

Shorter, thicker, lumbar cushion (khaki)

Seat cushion (golden brown)

Survival kit (Green plastic, painted gray green)

Foot/ankle restraints. Leg restraints generally similar

The basic structure of the seat is the beam in the back, to which a sheet metal seat pan and drogue parachute box are attached. An integrated 80 fps hot gas catapult, in a green anodized aluminum tube, not yet shown here, fills the full length of the open part of the beam. The bottom of the catapult is attached to the floor of the cockpit, the top is engaged with but not fixed to the seat beam. As the seat rises on its guide rails, propelled by the catapult, it pulls a lanyard linking the cockpit floor and the rocket pack (also not yet shown here) under the seat pan. The rocket pack is a tubular manifold with propellent grain tubes attached. It covers the underside of the seat pan. The lanyard fires the rocket pack as the seat clears the airplane.

In addition to throwing the seat and occupant out of the airplane, the catapult includes a pyrotechnically operated intertia-reel seat belt lock and retracter, and the foot-and-leg retractors that haul-in the aircrew’s extremities

I STRONGLY recommend, endorse and thank The Ejection Site. Particularly:

Chris Woodul’s whole collection:

Here’s the OEM’s site!
Thank you for that, MB!

If you don’t have a copy of their historical brochures, you’re missing a bet:


Until I make a blank one to color-in, just download this and unsaturate the colors to make one to color yourself.

colored pencil sketch, tidied up.

Flex Belt Coupons: Where to Get Them

Flex Belt coupons are saving strategies that a customer can use when purchasing Flex Belt. Flex Belt is a brand Ab belt toning system that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America. The belt can firm, tone, and strengthen the muscles in the stomach. Even those individuals who are busy or too tired to do workout in a traditional way can train the abs with the use of the Flex Belt.

Flex Belt has patented its medical-grade technology and is clinically proven to stimulate the nerves that make the stomach muscles to relax and contract. In just 30 minutes a day, a person can achieve an effective abdominal workout.

Flex Belt has a unique construction that features medical-grade gel pads that are pre-positioned to cover the external obliques and the central abdominals. The Flex Belt sends signals to the nerves to branch out to different stomach muscles to cause them to naturally contract and relax. All the muscles work at the same time even those not directly below the gel pads. The contractions are deep yet comfortable and it effectively strengthens, tones, and firms the abs in just 30 minutes a day.

The Flex Belt can be used by everybody. It is perfect for casual exercisers, busy executives who do not have time to go to the gym, persons with physical disabilities, fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain their abs, new mothers, and anyone who wants to have an attractive abs. Flex Belt does not shed inches of fat but it tightens, tones, and strengthens the muscles of the stomach. With proper diet, nutrition, and exercise, a person wanting to have a more attractive stomach can achieve his/her goal easily.

Flex Belt coupons can be sourced from websites in the internet. Using the keywords “coupons” and “Flex Belt”, the search engine can produce different websites that offer coupons for Flex Belt. SavingsHeadquarters is one site that offers such coupons. These coupons when clicked will direct the customer to the Flex Belt online store. The alphanumeric characters of the coupon must be entered in the designated field for the discount to take effect.

In using coupons, the consumer must be aware that of their expiry dates. Online stores do not accept expired coupons. There may also be other limitations on the use of the coupons. Some coupons require a minimum purchase before the discount can be effected. Other coupons can’t be used with other offers and promotions of the sponsor online store. So as not to be inconvenienced, a consumer must make sure that he/she is aware of such restrictions before using the coupons.

Coupons can be very useful to a financial-savvy customer. They can provide savings of a few cents to a hundreds or even thousands of dollars when summed up at the end of the year. For the manufacturers or retailers, the coupons are additional revenues to them because these coupons encourage customers to buy. The Flex Belt can be effective with the stomach muscles. Using Flex Belt coupons in purchasing the product not only makes a customer realizes his/her goal of an attractive stomach; dollars are also saved because of these coupons.

Are you looking for more information regarding Flex Belt coupons? Visit http://www.savingsheadquarters.com/ today!

Knight of the Hundred Years War
flex belt
Image by One lucky guy
The closest interpretation I have accomplished of a mid-to-late fourteenth century knight.

The surcoat shortened progressively through the second quarter of the fourteenth century to the short jupon I wear above. This style of garment was just coming into vogue at the Battle of Crecy (1346) and Poitiers (1356).

This is transition armor, showing the progression from mail to plate defense. To be completely accurate I should be wearing some type of rudimentary brigandine or coat of plates over my mail haubergon. I don’t wear this for the sake of comfort on hot faire days.

The articulating arm and leg armor evolved sometime by the end of the 1350s. From about 1320 to 1350 seperately attached plates continued to be added over the sleeve of the mail hauberk which shortened to a three-quarter length. Through my own research it appears that in the decade between 1350 to 1360 these seperate vambraces, elbow cops, and rear-guards became rivetted together on closely articulating lames that flexed at the elbow. Leg armor followed a similar evolution.

Only rich knights would have such highly developed armor by the 1360s and it was usually forged in Italy from what I understand. The older style of seperately attached plates probably predominated well into the 1370s to 1380s and remained the style in German kingdoms.

The pauldrons and vambraces I wear here are based on examples from famous Castle Churburg dating to about 1380 AD and were made by Jeffrey Hedgecock. My quisses were made in the Czech Republic. The sword, detailed in other photos, is the Albion Crecy that I customized to my own specs. The scabbard is the campaign scabbard for the Crecy that I fitted with a new chape and a locket. The sword belt and attachments are my own hand and the brass quatrefoil mounts are from Revival Clothing along with the smaller belt at my waist.

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Is the Flex Belt Worth You Departing Your Hard Earned Cash For?

I love to buy things that will help me stay in shape, but I have learned to be very careful about it. I used to buy something just based off of how the company would promote it. I failed to read the little print a few times where it said that the results are not typical, so I was often left disappointed. Those products did not help me to lose weight but they did turn me into a smarter consumer. When my friend told me about the flex belt, it sounded good but I wanted to read some reviews on it first from people who have actually tried it out instead of people the company was paying to promote it. I looked up The Flex Belt reviews and was happy with the information I read. Even the fine print information was everything I thought it would be, so hopefully I have finally found what I have been looking for.

So is the flex belt worth you departing your hard earned cash for? Everyone would like to have stronger, firmer toned abs, maybe the reason is that you want to impress the girl/boy next door or maybe middle age has caught up with you and you have noticed that spare tire around you waist line or it could be that your doctor has order you to lose weight. The thing is anyone could get a slimmer waist line or those sexier abdominal muscles if you wish.

Now you might be thinking to yourself that you haven’t got the time to get those abs you desire or maybe you lack the willpower. The good news is that the flex belt can do all the hard work for you and it will get you a slimmer waist line if you are just willing to spend thirty minutes a day with the flex belt strapped around you waist.

By reading The Flex Belt Reviews you will learn more about how Does The Flex Belt Work and you will also see real honest assessments on this product from people just like yourself who have already departed with their cash to get their hands on this product.

You will also notice that with this product it’s also FDA approved so there is no way that this product can cause injury to yourself unless you have got the belt strapped around you waist and you went for a walk and accidently fell over (you can’t blame that on the flex belt).

So is the flex belt worth purchasing? My personal opinion is that this is a great way to start to get those abs that you have always wanted but you will need to add some cardio (maybe a short jog three times a week). The manufacture is so confident that you will be happy with their product because if you’re not you’re entitled to a 60 day money back guarantee.

So is the belt right for you? Only you can decide.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the the flex belt reviews

2013 Ford Flex
flex belt
Image by Automotive Rhythms
2013 Ford Flex: Flex offers the new generation of My Ford Touch(R), rear-inflatable belts, collision-avoidance technologies, rain-sensing wipers, keyless entry, first-row heated and cooled seats, power-fold mirrors and an optional new appearance package. (03/09/12)

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Is All the Hype True About the Flex Belt?

Four weeks ago inside the gym l accidently caused injury to my lower back whilst lifting the weights, because of this injury I’ve been out of work for a while now and l haven’t been back to the gym since. I don’t miss going to work but l really do miss going to the gym.

Before the injury l use to go to the gym five to six times a week to keep myself in a good physical condition, l can’t wait to get back to my local gym to start exercising again. In the meantime l have purchased the Flex Belt to help me keep my core strong, l decided to buy this product after reading The Flex Belt Reviews on the internet.

Toning belts have been sold on the market for a good five years now, these devices claim to help the user get a slimmer, more defined midsection without the user actually needing to put in much of an effort themselves. Can this really be true or is this just complete hype to get our cash from our bank accounts?

There are quite a few different models that potential customers can choice from; the two top selling manufactures of a toning belt are slendertone and the Flex Belt. You may have come across the Flex Belt being advertised on the television or same of The Flex Belt Reviews that have been written on the net and wonder to yourself Does The Flex Belt Work? The truth is that it seems that the Flex Belt is actually being benefited from hundreds of people across the globe, by reading the reviews on the net it seems that the majority who have got their hands on this product are very happy with the results that Flex Belt brings there way.

The manufactures believe that anyone who starts using their product will notice a difference with their midsection in less than eight weeks. All the user would need to do is strap this device around there midsection, choose which intensity level they require and switch the device on, the Flex Belt will start to send out impulses to the user abdominal area over and over again to contract the abs, each session only last for thirty minute and gives the user the workout of the equivalent of doing hundreds of the perfect crunches.

As l mentioned at the start of this article the two top brands are the Flex Belt and Slendertone, the major difference between these two products is that the Flex Belt is FDA approved. If you are looking to improve the way your body looks getting your hands on a toning belt is a great way to achieve this.

I’m hoping to back inside that gym in the next week or two.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the flex belt reviews

buff claus
flex belt
Image by istolethetv
Don’t blame him. I asked this guy to pose like this.

Lir Bar, headquarters of the Santa Speedo Run 2009, Boston, MA, December 12th, 2009.

Feel free to tweet, blog, or in any other way share my photos. And please let me know if you see yourself in any of my pictures or if you’d like to!

Will The Flex Belt Work For You?

What is the Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt is a new device that forces your abdominal muscles to contract, trimming inches from your middle even when you’re not working out. It stimulates your muscles through EMS, or electric muscle stimulation. The device is worn around the stomach, with gel-pad electrodes directly on the skin. When the Flex Belt is turned on, small electrical charges force muscle contraction. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have cleared EMS devices for a long time now, and the Flex Belt is on the list. It’s a class II medical device, and is only bought over-the-counter as a device for muscle toning.

What’s good about the Flex Belt

– You can use the device anywhere you want. It easily gets concealed by clothing, meaning you can trim down even in the office.

– Purchaser can return the product within 60 days and a warranty covers faulty electrical equipment.

– The Flex Belt rechargeable battery unit can be used with the buttocks and arms, however additional equipment is required.

– The device is one of the very few EMS muscle toning devices approved by the US FDA.

Disadvantages of the Slendertone Ab Belt

– The device sells for $ 200, which can be a little too steep for some dieters. The gel-pad electrodes also need to be replaced after 30 uses, which means you’ll have to shell out another $ 15 every now and then.

– For people with a larger circumference waist the Flex Belt might not fit.

What To Watch Out For with the Slendertone Ab Belt

– It isn’t advisable to use the Flex Belt if you have pacemakers or other implanted metallic or electronic devices (including stents and defibrillators). The Flex Belt also isn’t for diabetics or cancer sufferers.

– It also isn’t advisable to use the Flex Belt when you’re pregnant, or just gave birth. You’ll need to wait at least 6 weeks after childbirth (3 months if you underwent a C-section) before doing so. If you’re not sure if you’re ready, ask your doctor.

– If you have sensitive skin (while unlikely, you can still get mild burns). If you’re easily burned, it’s probably best to try something else.

How the Flex Belt Works

The Flex Belt electronic device contains three prepositioned gel pads strategically located to contract the abdominal and oblique muscles. You control the strength of the contraction with the option ranging from 1 to 100. As your muscle strength increases, you gradually increase the strength of the contractions. While using the device users will feel a mild pulsating sensation as their muscles contract and report that their muscles feel sore the next day. The belt is designed to be worn for 30 minutes a day, every day for 4 to 8 weeks depending on how much toning your abs need. Then the Flex Belt can be worn 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the toning.

Remember that the Flex Belt is meant to be used to tone the abdominal muscles only. It doesn’t encourage fat burn and doesn’t burn excess calories. If you’d like to accomplish these, maintain a healthy diet and get lots of regular exercise.

For more information on how to trim your tummy, use the following URL for the Slendertone Flex Belt or read other diet supplement reviews

gürtel / belt
flex belt
Image by bike.sexual
made from 100% recycled bikeparts and an old nail. chain pieces, a worn out cog, a nail, an inner tube, some flexing, some welding, lots of washing:)

Slendertone Flex Belt

How would you like to acquire lean sexy abs? Along with the flex belt, it is possible to, and here’s the great news you are able to get that six-pack without having to spend time on the floor doing back and neck aching sit-ups.

I know it my sound to good to be true but it is not. The Flex Belt is the only abs belt toning system cleared by the FDA for toning, firming, and strengthening the stomach muscles.

So in those times when you wish you had time to train but you are just too busy simple slip on comfortable toning belt and get your abs exercise. In just thirty minutes a day three or five times a week it is possible to get the same results if not better then while using traditional crunch.

This is how it works, just put on the flex belt and the clinically demonstrated, patented medical-grade technology stimulates the nerves that make the stomach muscles contract and relax. As a result, you get an effective abs workout in less then thirty minutes.

In addition, the flex belt is so inconspicuous you’ll be able to wear it anywhere, like to work, or to the store, even while doing household stuff around the house, why not get your abs work in at the same times.

In a six-week study 100% of the people using the flex belt reported firmer and toner abs. So give it a shot, what do you have to lose? Build a strong foundation with this flex belt routine. While using summer and spring just around the corner, don’t you want to get a body and six-pack abs you can be proud of.

No more wearing a tee shirt in the ocean or pool get the flex belt and get the strong sexy abs you have always wanted. The state of the art flex belt, try it you will not regret it.

If you want firm abs with little or no work checkout the Flex Belt. The Flex Belt is the only Ab Belt Toning system cleared by the FDA for Toning, Firming and Strengthening the stomach muscles. Flex Belt.