Finding It a Lot Harder to Lose Weight Now That I’m over Thirty

One of the best thing about being under the age of thirty is that it’s a lot easier to keep you self in shape compared to the age l am at the moment with is thirty nine. When l was younger l was quite active, l enjoyed going to gym to lift weights and doing cardio to keep my body it shape, l remember thinking to myself why do people find it so hard to keep their weight of their midsection, getting fat will never happen to me. Well l was wrong, over the last five to six years it seems I’ve been putting the weight on

A couple of times l decided to start a new healthier lifestyle but always seem to fail in keeping it going. A friend of mine purchased the Flex Belt about four months ago and l asked him does the Flex Belt work? He told me that he has dropped inches from his waist and he was quite surprised with the results he was achieving with The Flex Belt.

The Flex Belt has been on the market for a few years now and is still the best toning belt available, the flex belt is 100% safe to use and has also been approved by the FDA. So how does the Flex Belt work? This device is very easy to use and there is no need to worry about pounding the streets to burn of those calories and doing crunches after crunches because The Flex Belt does all the hard for you. Whilst the belt is strapped around the user’s abdominal area pockets of electronic pulses contract the user’s abdominal muscles over a thirty minute period giving the user a workout which is the equivalent of doing hundreds of the perfect crunches with each session.

If you are strap for time than the Flex Belt is perfect for you and the reason this is because you can wear the belt under shirt whilst you can get on with the majority of your everyday tasks the Flex Belt reviews can be found on a lot of health and fitness forums and you will find that there are many customers who are commenting on how great this product is and the results they have been achieving.

I don’t mind admitting that at the age of thirty nine I’m having trouble with losing the weight around my midsection and if a device like the Flex Belt can help me achieve a flatter and firmer stomach than l would defiantly put it to good use.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the flex belt reviews

Image from page 38 of “The peninsular and independent medical journal” (1859)
flex belt
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Identifier: peninsularindepe02detr
Title: The peninsular and independent medical journal
Year: 1859 (1850s)
Subjects: Medicine Medicine
Publisher: Detroit : Higby & Stearns
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
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Text Appearing Before Image:
onnected by a tendon to a clasp and pulley D^ E. The great muscleF is the continuity of the flexor tendons G, H^ /, /, K. These tendonspass sinuously over pulleys or fixed sheaves, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, through thehand, to the end of the fingers and thumb. The principles of the leverand pulley are thus combined, and the maximum power retained at allangles of flexion or extension. A slight motion of the shoulders, withextension of the Fore-arm, produces an incredible grasp, as seen inFig. 3. An object of any shape, such as a pen, a fork, or an apple is heldwith facility. By a slight motion of the shoulders the belt A B causesthe great muscle F, and its tendons, to contract powerfully, closing thehand. A movement easily and naturally made actuates the tendon G 6^2and fastens the clasp D upon the muscle so as to retain the grasp inany position or motion of the arm, when in use. This is regarded asinvaluable for holding reins in driving, or carrying articles with safety. Editorial Department. 25

Text Appearing After Image:
26 The Peninsular and Independent, An easy counter – motion unfastens the clasp^ relaxing the flexor muscleand its tendons, and the extensors open the hand. This principle per-forms most perfectly in an arm applied below the elbow, as in Fig. 3. Fig. 3. In this are seen the belt A B C^ the great muscle F andits tendons, the clasp and pulley i), E^ as in Fig. 2. A fixed eyelet, j?^2,clasps the great muscle F and thus guides the flexor tendons of thofingers. The line 1, shows the union of the natural with the artificialarm. Fig. 4 shows a hand holding a fork. The tendon A A^ pa^eathrough the clasp B^ and around the pulley (7, to the side of the clasp D,where it fastens or unfastens the clasp, by movements before explained.The joints of the fingers and thumb are flexed upon the fork, by powerfultension of the great muscle and its tendons. The sinuosity of the tendonspassing over the pulleys or sheaves, F^ E, E^ shows the new and usefulprinciple of effectually combining the lever and pull

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