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Anyone who wants to look their very best already knows that tight and toned abs are a big part of the “looking great” package. People with great muscle toning in the ab area always find that their clothes fit better, they feel better physically, and rather than hiding from the beach, people with great muscle toning can wear a bathing suit with pride and enjoy the admiring stares. There is simply nothing that looks more attractive on a man or a woman than a gorgeous stomach with great muscle toning.  When you see a man or a woman with that type of sexy and sleek muscle toning, you know that he or she  has put some major work into it, every single day — or have they?

The Flex Belt is a new, very simple to use belt-style stomach toner that wraps around the abdominal area. The Flex Belt achieves muscle toning through a scientifically proven method, the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The Flex Belt user controls the muscle contractions via the small attached control. When the Flex Belt is turned on, it causes the abdominal muscles, and in fact the whole core, to contract for a beat, then relax. This contraction feels very much like the ab exercise machines at the gym, so you’ll have no doubt it is really working — but this muscle toning can be done at any time. Whether sitting at the desk at work, walking around the neighborhood, or watching television, the Flex Belt can be used for around 30 or 40 minutes a day, and you will get a fantastic muscle toning ab workout with virtually no effort!

The Flex Belt is an entirely new type of ab belt that is drawing tremendous accolades from fitness experts, celebrities like NFL player Jerry Rice, Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans, and thousands of people across the world who desperately want great muscle toning but may not have the countless hours to spend in the gym pursuing that every single day.

The Flex Belt device has garnered the coveted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for muscle toning, strengthening, and firming abdominal muscles — the very first and only device of its type to do so in history. FDA approval means that the Flex Belt is not just any old muscle toning program: This is a device that has been proven to work, in countless cases. In trials, the Flex Belt helped study participants achieve muscle toning in a matter of weeks. The FDA granted this approval status only after the Flex Belt was proven to be both safe and effective in supervised clinical trials.

In these studies, the Flex Belt was shown to be effective in 100 percent of the users — every single user felt a significant change in their core muscle area and found that the muscle toning was immediately noticeable. In addition to the muscle toning itself, Flex Belt users were found to have an increase in actual abdominal strength in 49 percent of cases, and an increase in abdominal endurance in 72 percent of cases.

The Flex Belt guarantees that users will experience significant muscle toning over a period of six weeks or less, and there are no additional requirements. No need to go to the gym for hours each day, no crazy diet plans that must be followed, the only real requirement for muscle toning success with the Flex Belt is that users wear the belt.

An ab workout can be done anytime, anywhere, with the Flex Belt. It can be combined with a cardio workout for a double impact workout, or it can be used while surfing the Web for those who are looking for a quick ab muscle toning workout. The Flex Belt lets users do an ab workout and achieve muscle toning the easy way.

The Flex Belt is particularly valuable because of its affordability. As of 2011, the Flex Belt device is priced at only $ 199, and comes with $ 100 worth of free bonus gifts including magazine subscriptions and meal planners. When you consider that the average gym membership costs users about $ 800 to $ 2,000 per year, the value of the Flex Belt becomes especially obvious. At the gym, you have to spend hours of effort and thousands of dollars to get in your muscle toning, but with the Flex Belt you spend under $ 200 and can do your muscle toning anytime and anywhere.

You will feel the Flex Belt’s muscle toning action working, but you will never again have to suffer just to get an ab workout. It is possible to get muscle toning in that formerly hard to tone ab area with a minimum of effort: With the Flex Belt, a full core muscle toning is just as easy as placing the belt around your waist and letting the Flex Belt do the muscle toning work for you!

Antinous as Silvanus
flex belt
Image by egisto.sani
Antinous as Silvanus
Male figure representing Antinous carved on a marble slab tapered. Antinous is depicted in a rural context. The young man is standing in the center, represented by three quarters, the left leg flexed and discarded to the side. He is wearing a short tunic with sleeves, tied on the hips by a belt.
Only the right arm is inserted inside the sleeve, the other is unused and the right shoulder and the chest are uncovered. His head is crowned with a wreath made from a pine branch. The right forearm is near the shoulder and the hand holds a sickle.
His left arm is stretched along the body and his hand held an object now lost. A dog is carved near his feet.
The top left corner is decorated with a vine branch full of bunches. In front of Antinous, a small altar is topped with a basket full of fruits. The sickle, the wreath woven with pine branches, the fruits, and the dog suggest the identification of Antinous with the god Silvanus.
On the surface the three lines Greek inscription:
identifies the author of this relief “made by Antonianos of Aphrodisias”: a sculptor whose existence and artistic production is evidenced only by this work.
This work has a great artistic value; it is an original creation made after the death of Antinous when his cult was celebrated throughout the empire, 130-138 DC.

Source: C. Gasparri e R. Paris, “ Palazzo Massimo alle Terme – Le Collezioni”, Electa

Marble relief
(143 cm high; 63 cm wide)
Approx. 130 – 138 AD
Near Anzio, Rome
Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo

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