Finally Found out How My Mate Achieved Getting a Six Pack

One of my closest friends and l joined the local gym about six month ago now, we try and get ourselves to the gym four to five times a week early in morning before we start work, the reason we do our workout before and not after work is because it’s far less busy at six in the morning than what it is at six in the evening.

Working out with one of my closest friends has many benefits such as l know l going to be in that gym early in the morning because someone is relying on me to be there and it’s very handy having someone who workouts with me on the free weight’s because l will be able to push an extra rep or two on the bench press without having to worry that I’m going to be dropping the weights on my chest.
My friend and l have the exact same workout program, when we go to the gym will always go together but the thing is he has a bulging six pack and l don’t and l have always wonder why l haven’t got a six pack to be proud off and he has. Maybe it comes down to our diets but the truth is I’m quite a healthier eater
One day he passed on the secret to me on how he achieved his six pack. He purchased a product called the Flex Belt and he advise me to take a look on the internet for the Flex Belt reviews to find out what other people thought of this product and to found out how exactly does the Flex Belt work.
The flex belt is a toning belt that contracts the user’s midsection. The makers of the Flex Belt claim that within eight weeks of using the Flex Belt the user stomach will be much slimmer and firmer. To achieve the user would need to wear the belt around their waist for only thirty minutes every day.
When it comes to products in the weight loss industry that promise you results in such a short period

I’m very sceptical about products like these but it seemed that the Flex Belt work for my friend so there is a good chance that l going to be purchasing this toning belt in the near future and if I’m able to achieve the same definition with my midsection as my mate l would be over the moon with the results.

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Image from page 137 of “Laboratories, their planning and fittings” (1921)
flex belt
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Identifier: laboratoriesthei00munb
Title: Laboratories, their planning and fittings
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Munby, Alan Edward, 1870-
Subjects: Laboratories
Publisher: London, Bell
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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Text Appearing Before Image:
66.—Section Through Seating to Operating groups of pendant flexeS fromTheatre, Cambridge University School of Phy- the Ceiling, the latter plan being ^^ol^gy- adopted at Cambridge. Operating Theatre.—Physiology requires opportunities for the detailedinspection of operations, hence, in addition to the lecture theatre for generalwork, a smaller room to hold perhaps forty or fifty students may be wanted,which is planned like a medical students operating theatre, but the operat-ing table is, of course, smaller. The seats are on steeply raised semicirculartiers, and usually the back rows have merely a high rail against which thestudents lean, standing. The table may be regarded as a piece of appar-atus, and is not fixed. A sink, gas supply on an adjoining shelf, electricsupply, and a galvanometer bracket are required in this room. Fig. 66shows a section through the seating in the operating theatre of the physio-logical department at Cambridge, the plans of which are given in ChapterVI.

Text Appearing After Image:
Tiii<: k1:ouiri<:mI:.ts oi- biology and gkology 109. Dark Room. —A dark room may be required for optical work, such as,.experiments on vision, for study of the heart, for X-ray work, and forphotography. In a large scheme, several rooms for these respective pur-poses will be wanted. The general remarks made on dark rooms for othersubjects apply to the arrangements necessary. Centrifuge, Compressed, Air and Store Rooms.—In many experi-ments separation of solids and liquids is most conveniently effected byrotation on a vertical axis at a very high speed, for- which a motor andcentrifugal machine, often belt driven, are employed. For air compression,necessary for aeration and other purposes, a compression pump driven bya motor is required, attached to a storage cylinder, which feeds the mainsand assists in keeping the pressure—usually between one and two atmos-pheres—constant.^ For both these requirements small basement rooms aresuitable. Storage is necessary not only for t

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