Can the Flex Belt Actually Help Me Achieve My Goal of Having a Flatter Stomach?

Roughly about four month ago now my wife and l made a decision to start living a healthier and more active lifestyle, the reason we did this is because truth be told we were both overweight. We have both joined the local gym but both our workouts are completely different from each other’s. My wife enjoys doing the spin classes, dance classes and yoga exercises where l am more into doing cardio on the treadmills, cross trainers and l also enjoy lifting the weights.

The major problem for me is the stomach area, it seems no matter how many different core exercises or crunches l do it seems the weight around my midsection does not want to shift. I’ve been told that yoga classes can help me achieve in losing this weight around my midsection but the truth is if l were to join this class at my gym l would be the only male in that room. That’s one thing l don’t really want to be doing.

A new friend of mine who l met at the gym recommended to me that l should take a look at the Flex Belt reviews on the internet, he was telling me that he has been using this product now for about a year, he believes that this product is the reason why he midsection is a lot flatter and stronger.
I feel like if l were to buy a product like this to help me achieve my goals it would feel like I’m taking a massive short cut and it will also feel like I’m cheating to see results but the truth is I’ve been trying for a while to get a flatter midsection and this could be the tool to help me achieve that goal. By checking out the Flex Belt reviews l discovered so many positive feedbacks from customers who have already purchased this product. The manufacture’s claim that the belt would simulate the user’s abdominal area giving the user an intense workout over a thirty minute period leaving your midsection feeling tighter and more firmer without the person having to put in any effort at all. I can spare thirty minutes a day and if all l had to do was to strap the belt around my waist for this length of time per day whilst l sit and relax in front of the television than there would be no reason why l wouldn’t use this product every day of the week.

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Curb-side wall & front endcap
flex belt
Image by Jacob Davies
This and the facing side are probably the largest and most visible areas I’ll be painting, so this is where I’m trying to do the best job.

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