he One Thing I Hate About Getting Older

One of the things that l hate about getting older is that l can no longer eat the foods that l love without putting weight on, when l was kid up to my late twenty’s l had no trouble with my weight. I use to love to keep myself active by doing all different kinds of keep fit exercises such as playing soccer, swimming and even going for those morning runs

.Now I’m thirty eight and l still enjoys doing the odd sporting activities but the thing is I’ve got a much busy life schedule now, l don’t get as much free time as l would like.

The good news is that l feels a lot better about how my body looks at the moment and the reason this is because for the last eleven weeks I’ve been using The Flex Belt, this product has helped me tone up my midsection. The main reason l decided to buy this product is because l came across the Flex Belt reviews on the net, with so many customers writing great things about the Flex Belt it seemed it was the right thing to do.

So what is the Flex Belt? The flex is a toning belt which uses Electric Muscle Stimulation to help the person who is wearing the belt around their midsection to get toned abs. Many people worry if this product is actually safe to use, the thing is with the Flex Belt it has actually been approved by the FDA which means this product is 100% safe to use. The device can be worn under the person clothing. The manufacturers claim this is the perfect fitness product for people who live busy lives.

The user would need to strap the Flex Belt around there midsection and choose what intensity level they require then just press start and that is all is needed for the user to get a flatter, firmer stomach. The way the flex belt works is that it will contract the user’s midsection by sending out pockets of electronic impulses during a thirty minute workout.

There are other products on the market at the moment that l have been thinking about purchasing but as l mention at the start of this article for me is all about trying to find the time to actually exercise. I could try getting up thirty minutes earlier every morning to go for a run to help me burn of some calories a bit quicker. Hopefully l won’t be pressing that snooze button.

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Image from page 126 of “Restraint of domestic animals; a book for the use of students and practitioners; 312 illustrations from pen drawings and 26 half tones from original photographs” (1909)
flex belt
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Identifier: restraintofdomes01whit
Title: Restraint of domestic animals; a book for the use of students and practitioners; 312 illustrations from pen drawings and 26 half tones from original photographs
Year: 1909 (1900s)
Authors: White, George R. (George Ransom), 1874-
Subjects: Veterinary surgery
Publisher: Nashville, Tenn., The author
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Fig. 143. Whitwells Casting and Securing Harness. HuTburts Casting and Securing Harness. The Hulburt casting and securing harness, Figure 144,consists of a very heavy and substantial body belt (f) made ofleather. This body belt is applied so that the four heavy metalDs (e) hang down under the chest. The body belt is pre-vented from slipping forward by a crupper. A rope rein (h)is fastened around lower jaw (j) and to body belt (i). This CASTING AND SECURING HARNESS AND ROPES. 121 rein is used for controlling the head. A rope is looped aroundone hind pastern (a) and then carried forward (d) to andthrough one of the Ds of body belt. One fore leg is fixedby means of a knee strap to one of the Ds in the body belt;this puts the horse on three legs, which places him at a dis-advantage while being cast by traction on free end of rope (c)at the same time head is drawn around to side. After casting,the other two legs are secured to D of body belt by means ofhobbles and knee straps.

Text Appearing After Image:
Fig. 144. Hulburts Casting and Securing Harness—Applied. G. W. Zieglers Casting Harness. The casting harness of G.* W. Ziegler, Figure 145, consistsof an over-withers strap which carries at each end a heavy metalring (a) ; into this main ring another ring is fastened (b), alsothe girth rope, breast rope (j) and main casting rope (m). Thiscasting rope is passed over the back, then downward (c) to andthrough hobble strap ring (d) of off hind pastern, thence upwardand forward (f) to and through ring (b) on opposite side. 122 KESTEAINT OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS. The same arrangement of ropes is made on the other side. Onefore leg is flexed and fixed by using a knee strap. The animalis cast by making traction on free ends of main ropes (n).

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