So Does the Flex Belt Work?

If you are like so many other people today, you have struggled with weight loss and exercise efforts over the years, and now you are wondering does the Flex Belt work. So many other products, pills, and so forth just seem to take your hard-earned money without really giving you solid results. Some exercise programs are too difficult or time-consuming to follow. Some diet pills have side effects that you just don’t want to live with. Yet you want to get that sleek, slender, toned look, and you may be looking at this innovative belt with high hopes.

So How Is This Different?

To answer the question of does the Flex Belt work, you have to first take a closer look at how this belt is different from other options on the market today. Certainly, this isn’t a diet pill or shake, but rather is an exercise product that is designed to tone and strengthen your entire core region. Unlike other exercise and fitness products, however, this one doesn’t require much time commitment at all from you. You may have read in reviews or seen on commercials that you just have to strap the belt on and go about your day. This is absolutely true!

Getting Results

Many people give up on other fitness options because they just don’t have the time available to put them to use on a regular basis. If this is true with you and you are wondering does the Flex Belt work, you will be happy to know that the results are easy for anyone and everyone to enjoy. When you simply have to strap a belt on and can go about your day without any additional effort on your part to see the toning and strengthening results this belt can provide, you know you have found a great solution. Of course, a healthy diet and some type of cardio workout will provide even more significant results!

Should You Try It?

When it comes to getting results in your midsection, you know that this is truly one of the hardest areas to get results in yet is also one of the most important if you want to look sleek and slender. After exploring the question of does the Flex Belt work, you will see that this belt has given so many people just like you amazing results with minimal effort. You know that this is a fitness product you will continue to use on a regular basis. You don’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth and having this product sit in the back of the closet somewhere. With how easy it is to use, you will definitely be strapping it around your waist every day!

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Image from page 609 of “Electric railway journal” (1908)
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Year: 1908 (1900s)
Subjects: Electric railroads
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ery armature is kept in themaster mechanics office in a loose-leaf record, which showswhen the armature was purchased, repaired electrically ormechanically, turned, painted, rewound or furnished with newbearings. At the end of every month the different classes ofrepairs are totalized. FIELD COIL MANUFACTURE Field coils, after winding, are heated for the removal ofmoisture and then dipped in Standard yellow varnish untilthe absence of bubbles shows that all air has been expelled.Next the coil is baked over night and then supplied with flex-ible leads made up of 245 strands of untinned No. 30 rubber-covered wire. One lead is 24 in. and the other 6 in. long.When the leads are soldered on, insulation is begun. Theleads, however, are not tied down parallel to the coil untilsome mica has been inserted between them and the coil. Theinsulation consists of two double-overlaps (four thicknesses)of glace belting and one layer of insulating tape. The field is RUNNING POINTS-RESISTANCE POINTSl 2 3

Text Appearing After Image:
AA1 ^ARMATURENO. 1 MOTOR AA2NO. 2 MOTOR AAa NO. 3 MOTOR AAVNO. 4 MOTOR Electric By. Jour. Coil Formers for GE and Westinghouse Armatures onOne Shaft Connections for S.P. K-6 Controller and Rheostat for FourGE-1000 or GE-67 Motors taped by machine with linen taping, which is applied so thathalf the next turn always overlaps the preceding one. Thecoil is then dipped in air-drying Voltalac and treated withsoapstone to make it enter easily into the armature slot. Thecompleted coils are stored in closets, according to type, and aremarked with the date of manufacture so that the oldest willbe taken out first. then re-dipped and baked all night. After the second baking,the corners of the coil are reinforced with No. 8 oil duck.The entire coil is then taped with black Competition rubbertape and air dried in Voltalac to complete the operation. CONTROLLER WORK Particular attention has been given to controller troubles,and, as a result, several changes have been made in construe- April 2, 1910.]

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