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I have really been hoping to be able to drop some of my weight recently, and I have been trying to eat healthier as a result and work out a little bit as well. Still, I find that I do not have a lot of time to work out and thought that it would be nice to be able to try out a product such as the Flex Belt, which would help to do a lot of the work for me, especially in my abdomen area, which was a huge problem area for me. So as I was looking into finding some information on The Flex Belt Reviews online, I was hoping to be able to read what others had to say about the product and how it worked for them.

I asked a friend for her thoughts on the Flex Belt, and she said that she thinks that it is great. I am the type of person who never thought that I would even have the opportunity to perform as well as I should, but things are really going well for me, and my exercise routine is going great. All I need right now is for me to have some type of device that will tone my abs. I feel like I simply can’t do it all by myself, and I really should not have to. If I can find a device that works for me, then I will put it to good use.

The Flex Belt reviews finally convinced me that it is about time that I get rid of my belly fat. Of course, this is so important to me. I know that I am trying my very best to ensure that things go the way that I planned. I have set a goal for myself to lose around 10 lbs. In three months. It is a very doable goal, and I want to see it put to good use. I guess that I am simply trying my hardest to do whatever I can to achieve it. It would be so nice to see those pounds gone from my stomach only, but I know that the body does not work that way. Seeing results will help me feel inspired to workout a little harder. I know that I have to try a little better to eat well. I just want to look good, and I know that I can do it with a little help!

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Speed Poetry Challenge – Take One
flex belt
Image by thenoodleator
Read about this project here:
My brain is a juicebox, which I will now squeeze

Here is the full credit list, linked via the word the photo applied to.

"BATHROOM" image credit list.
The jack hammer of the brain on the street
The synapse of the garbage deposit
The pink and grey matter of the doesn’t matter
They all point, lead, stretch, flex
      to the same thing.
The stem of root lessness at the core
The lobe of fat greed and pity knives
The hemisphere with equatorial belt
They all wave their thoughts, dreams, suicides
      about the same thing.
The dream death of a spark of life
The motivational farewell note left on the counter
The idea charred at the tomb entrance
They all scream their demise, decay, distrust
      about the same thing.
Boredom is the Fat Man and Little Boy
      of creativity.


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