Slendertone or the Flex Belt. Which Product to Choose?

The health and Fitness industry brings in big money so it’s no surprise there are so many different products on the market that a consumer called choose from to help them kick start a healthier lifestyle for themselves. With so many different products it only makes my job of picking one to help me slim down my midsection a lot harder, l know all the products that are being sold may not be as effective as each other.

I would really love to improve my abs and l have been told a great device to help me achieve this would be some kind of toning belt. I have done some homework on toning belts and there are a few different models out there, it seems the two top models on the market are the Flex Belt and slendertone.

If I’m honest l was quite sceptical about products like these so l did some more research and checked the internet to find out does the Flex Belt work and the same for the Slendertone. I’ve came across plenty of reviews about both products from people explaining that they are more than happy with the results they are getting.

I have purchase health and fitness product in the past after seeing advertisements on the television but l have also got to admit that the majority of the products that l received were not that effective and that is the reason why l doing a bit of homework on the Flex Belt before deciding to purchase this product. I checked out the Flex Belt website and this is where l found out the results you can expect to get from using this device and how it works. I also spent some time checking out the Flex Belt reviews which have been written from people all over the world who have departed with their money to get this product, this is a great way to finding out if a product is good or not.

With the other products that l did purchased in the past l should have done my research before purchasing, because there was no money back guarantee that meant l wasn’t able to get a refund on those products that were not effective. It seems like l was flushing my money down the toilet.

With so much positive feedback about the Flex Belt l have decided that I’m going to buy this toning belt today.

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FIG. I.—GENERATOR WITH ARMATURE AND BRUSHES REMOVED. which has very short radial projections, faced off tomake good magnetic contact; this construction allowsthe removal of any magnet core and coil without remov-ing or disturbing the armature. The armature and commutator are mounted upon acast-iron sleeve independent of the shaft, so that in caseof accident to the latter it may be removed bodily with-out disturbing in the least the armature core, coils, orconnections. The armature is slot-wound with a flex-ible bar system of conductors which greatly facilitatesthe handling of the coils and contributes to the coolrunning of the machines. Among other good features which go to make up an excellent combination are low magnetic density through-out the field-magnet circuit ; low and current density inarmature conductors; large ratio between field andarmature ampere-turns ; the simplest of brush-holdersand general arrangement ; self-aligning and oiling

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-GENERATOR DISMANTLED. journals which do not generously distribute oil whereits absence is preferable; and moderate speed. Themachines are built for belt-driving or direct connection,as maybe desired. The Haller Boiler-Tube Cleaner. We illustrate herewith the Haller boiler-tube cleaner,which is being put on the market by the McClain Manu-facturing Companjr, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Boiler-tubecleaners, as a rule, are provided with springs to force thearms apart, and the consequence is that when the tool isused in a tube and brought in contact with an unusuallyheavy deposit of scale, these springs are apt to contractsufficiently to permit the cleaner to pass over an obstruc-tion without removing it. The Haller tube cleaner pro-vides for such cases as this, and is equally applicable to

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