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For many years now I’ve been getting myself down the gym to get myself into a decent shape and to improve my fitness levels. I’ve been going to the gym four times a week doing cardio, weight lifting and working on my core. Whilst working out my core I’ve done many different exercises to help me get a six pack but the trouble is it didn’t matter how hard or how often l worked on my core l was never able to achieve rock hard abs. I also know that to get the perfect abs it’s not just all about exercise, l need to be eating quite healthy as well to achieve my goal which l do anyway (maybe the odd take away here and there).

It’s been two months now since l started using the flex belt and I’ve got to admit I’ve been quite shocked with the results that I’ve been getting from using this toning belt, I’ve strapped the belt around my waist every day for the last eight weeks. The main reason l decided to purchase this product was because after reading the flex belt reviews and taking a look at the official website l found out if l wasn’t happy with the product l would be able to get a full refund on the money l paid to purchase this product because it came with a sixty day money back guarantee.

I was expecting to be sending the Flex Belt back to the website where l purchased the product from and take advantage of the sixty day money back guarantee because l was convinced that this product wouldn’t work for me. I’ve decided not to do that and to keep the product because I’m very satisfied with the results that I’ve gotten over the last eight weeks.

So how does the Flex Belt work? Once the belt was strapped around my midsection all l needed to do was to choose which intensity l would like to use during my workout and turn the belt on, once the belt had been turned on pockets of electronic pulses started to contract my abdominal area. With each workout only lasting thirty minutes it shaw does save me a lot of time. One of the best things about this product is that l can strap the flex belt around my midsection put my shirt over the Flex Belt and get on with my every day activities.

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Simplified Martin Baker Mk F7, Vought F-8 Crusader, colors & shapes breakdown cartoon.
flex belt
Image by wbaiv
Colors and approximate (cartoon) shapes of the larger bits and pieces of a Martin Baker Mk F7 ejection seat. There are two views here – a profile, a more-or less plan-view from ahead/above. Call it a "2 view". I’ve separated the exploded isometric to a different image and tightened up the edges and alignments here.

Here’s a nice isometric drawing of an assembled seat using these colors:

Top to bottom, the pieces here are
the drogue parachute cover (kakhi) with drogue gun weight, stainless steel flex connecting the weight to the drogue, and the main parachute extraction cable. Drogue gun now shown yet, its a black cylinder with red warning stickers, on the port, upper end of the beam.

Drogue parachute and headrest box

Main parachute cover, gray-green fabric enclosing and protecting the parachute.

Main parachute container, Rigid plastic horseshoe shape, open at the top. Attaches to the beam between the drogue box / head rest and the seat pan.

Seat pan (black)

larger, thinner, back cushion (gray green)

Shorter, thicker, lumbar cushion (khaki)

Seat cushion (golden brown)

Survival kit (Green plastic, painted gray green)

Foot/ankle restraints. Leg restraints generally similar

The basic structure of the seat is the beam in the back, to which a sheet metal seat pan and drogue parachute box are attached. An integrated 80 fps hot gas catapult, in a green anodized aluminum tube, not yet shown here, fills the full length of the open part of the beam. The bottom of the catapult is attached to the floor of the cockpit, the top is engaged with but not fixed to the seat beam. As the seat rises on its guide rails, propelled by the catapult, it pulls a lanyard linking the cockpit floor and the rocket pack (also not yet shown here) under the seat pan. The rocket pack is a tubular manifold with propellent grain tubes attached. It covers the underside of the seat pan. The lanyard fires the rocket pack as the seat clears the airplane.

In addition to throwing the seat and occupant out of the airplane, the catapult includes a pyrotechnically operated intertia-reel seat belt lock and retracter, and the foot-and-leg retractors that haul-in the aircrew’s extremities

I STRONGLY recommend, endorse and thank The Ejection Site. Particularly:

Chris Woodul’s whole collection:

Here’s the OEM’s site!
Thank you for that, MB!

If you don’t have a copy of their historical brochures, you’re missing a bet:……

Until I make a blank one to color-in, just download this and unsaturate the colors to make one to color yourself.

colored pencil sketch, tidied up.

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