The next thing that will happen is Pouncey will have to find a lawyer

“The next thing that will happen is Pouncey will have to find a lawyer,” ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson explained after the SI report. “He’s going to have to decide whether he is going to answer questions from the prosecutors in Massachusetts or he’s going to protect himself with the fifth amendment. And then the state police will evaluate everything that Pouncey says and determine the next step in the investigation.”.

We have Super Bowls in our stadium. We have a retractable roof. replica oakleys This is the big time, and I been places where they don have those things. The place where the championship has to be held is booked 4 to 5 years before. Celebrations are started when the season has to be started. Lovers of the Super Bowl reach the venue from all over the globe Cheap Wholesale Authentic Jerseys to watch their favorite team playing.

Some say certain sports should be added, some say no. Some of The Times’ Olympic crew took on the topic Wednesday morning during our daily live chat. PDT. It’s very simple; you can go to various track and field websites to find out where the local affiliate is. Or, you can go to your local school Cheap Wholesale football Jerseys or coach and ask them if they have any tips, if they know anybody who will be able to train you. Next thing is if you are at a school with a track team, go ahead and speak to the coach.

Only one problem: the “curse” allegedly inscribed on the wall, never existed. cheap oakleys It was apparently invented by one of the newspapers that covered the find. Records of curses have been found in other tombs, but evidently King Tut figured being buried in the sands of Egypt inside a giant stone crypt was enough to deter most people from fucking with his dead body..

One of the main problems that Mr. Alexander focuses on in his work is that most people are completely dis connected from their Higher selves. So they don’t know why they are here, what they are here to do, and how to even get started with their mission.

There are now, for example, multi billion dollar industries founded on the Wholesale Jerseys Supply concept of photo sharing. Most people don’t Wholesale Jerseys From China think twice about showing someone a photo of themselves anymore, and it certainly enhances an “I put on my robe and wizard hat” situation. But if that picture exists anywhere else, like Facebook or Instagram, anyone with even a single brain cell can use that picture to find out everything about you.

So, what have been my key takeaways after the first three months with the group? I think that the group is in excellent shape. We are, in many ways, a role model in the industry when it comes to innovation, sustainability, and product operations. We have extremely passionate and committed employees, which I’ve never seen this extent in any Cheap football Jerseys Free Shipping other industry.

He has asked for reassignment to the college’s counseling department

He has asked for reassignment to the college’s counseling department. Swimming Stars Six Whittier High School senior swimmers, who lettered as freshmen, have gone through four seasons without losing a Whitmont League meet. Some say they should be eliminated, Oakley Sports Sunglasses some say no.

Earlier this year, One Door President Carla Wiley pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud after it was determined that she had deposited $800,000 into the foundation’s account over four years. Over that time, federal prosecutors say Discount Wholesale Jerseys From China it gave one scholarship for $1,000 and $200 Wholesale NBA Jerseys Free Shipping to an unidentified person in Florida, while Wiley transferred herself tens of thousands of dollars. Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division, said in a statement..

The sordid corruption exposed within Fifa and the International Association of Athletics Federations is deeply depressing.Yet a far less publicised but more pernicious trend has emerged with sporting Discount Wholesale hockey Jerseys China bodies attempting to control and manipulate research into the long term health of their athletes.You will never be able to completely eliminate the risk of playing any contact sport, particularly in collision sports such as rugby and Cheap Wholesale football Jerseys Free Shipping American football. When men the size of campervans crash into each other, bones will break, muscles will tear and concussions will occur. That is unavoidable.Where sports do bear a responsibility is to investigate and fully inform their athletes and the public of the long term effects that such actions can cause, Cheap Oakleys in particular around concussion.

Burress was indicted on two counts of weapon possession and one count of reckless endangerment and pleaded guilty last month. He had faced a minimum sentence of three and a half years if convicted at trial but pleaded to the lesser charge and agreed to the two year term. With time off for good behaviour, it is likely Burress will serve 20 months..

Many “NBA 2K14” players have reported issues connecting to the 2K server, which stores save files and rosters, making it impossible to play even single player mode. If you are experiencing this, you are not alone. Luckily, there are temporary solutions to help you play your game right away.

NHL playoff square pools rely on chance rather than skill to decide the winner which doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Draw an 8×8 grid on a sheet of paper, and have participants write their name on one or more squares. Once the grid is filled with names, place the logos of the eight Eastern Conference playoff teams in one hat, and the Western Conference playoff teams in another.

In a large skillet over medium heat brown the bacon

Remove the bacon from the skillet and place on a plate lined with a paper towel. In the skillet with the bacon fat, add potatoes, celery, onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, paprika and season with salt and pepper.

So I will try once your way, then if it doesn work,discount football jerseys I add the in the last few seconds of stirring and cooking after I hit hard crack. Oh, one other thing, not Wholesale Discount Authentic Jerseys Free Shipping stirring your sugar/honey mixture just cooking it with a lid on can be dangerous and also cause your candy to burn scorched candy is an awful thing to get off a pan. I always, ALWAYS cook my hard candy mixtures on medium heat while stirring.

Article continues after sponsorship”Dubbed the ‘Queen of Crime,’ James went on to write 13 more Dalgliesh murder mysteries. Many of them were set in enclosed communities, illuminating the tensions and violence that can erupt amongst tightly knit groups of people. Shroud for a Nightingale, published in 1971, is set at a nursing school, and Original Sin (1994) at a small publishing house in London; Death in Holy Orders (2001) probes the motives behind a killing at a theological college, and the final Dalgliesh mystery, The Private Patient (published in 2008), unfolds at a private plastic surgery clinic in an English manor house.”.

I was still down Discount Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Free Shipping 17 5, but at least there were signs of nfl jerseys That safety really woke up Denver and after a Russell Wilson pick, they scored again to make it 17 12 with nine minutes to go. I was getting four Cheap Wholesale football Jerseys China points, which meant I was still out of the money, but the momentum shift gave me hope.

Came to those places and those spaces to share music that was often looked at as strange or esoteric, said Askew girlfriend, Anya Taylor, a performance artist. Lot of us are people who know music and we been outcast because of who we are. We were making music for us.

Once the single parent has been qualified and approved for a home, she is partnered with a group of volunteers to begin building the home. After the house is built, the single mother and her children move into the home and pay an affordable mortgage on a monthly basis. The monthly mortgage cost is based on the amount the homeowner is comfortably able to pay.

With housing options limited for survivors, this was Discount Wholesale Baseball Jerseys From China a much needed win. http://www.elitecheapnfljerseysauthentic.comTo launch the campaign, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev, a survivor herself, took to the streets of NYC to encourage New Yorkers to take a stand against domestic violence. Since its launch, that campaign has reached more than Wholesale Discount Soccer Jerseys From China 15 million unique viewers.

F. Analysis of sleep on Shuttle missions

Aviat. Mere trifles like logic and reason were not about to stand in the way of Filbin’s Great American Tire Pile. And so it was that Ed Filbin collected 42 million tires. And lo, he did put them in a giant pile.

For a shoulder wrap, the elastic bandage must first be wrapped around the upper arm to anchor one end of the bandage to the limb. The bandage is then stretched over the shoulder and down across the back, wrapping under the opposite arm before coming up across the chest. The first layer of this figure eight Discount Wholesale NHL Jerseys From China design is completed by going over the shoulder from the opposite angle,wholesale nfl jerseys and coming down and circling the upper arm again.

Changes in meristem identity that may be associated with the FAN and the NFI were tested using the putative inflorescence marker gene DET. DET expression was clearly up regulated in WT reproductive apices. In comparable vegetative gi 1 Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys apices, DET expression mirrored the up regulation observed in reproductive GI apices despite their lack of flower initiation.

Coming off of a somewhat disappointing year by the corporation’s own standards in which it failed to achieve the projected 8% revenue growth, VF surprised many by pulling off an earnings beat in Q1’14. Following that strong surge and the recent Q3 release,cheap football jerseys VF is once again on pace to meet its financial targets. Wholesale Cheap Jerseys From China In the first nine months of FY 14, total revenue rose 7% to $8.7 billion.

Jets who said something incredibly memorable after a big loss one Sunday. “This is what’s great about sports. This is what the greatest thing about sports is. But not these Titans. These Titans aren’t memorable because these Titans suck. In Cheap Authentic Jerseys Free Shipping fact, the only reason people remember these Titans is so they can remind themselves not to watch them again..

It wasn’t long ago we reported our year end 2016 earnings, so we will be keeping our comments fairly brief today. As you can see from the numbers released this morning, we’re on track to achieve our annual guidance, which includes record revenues for 2017. This is impressive, given our first quarter numbers were negatively impacted by non participation in the Champions League and the timing of matches for other competitions.

Two Angels Healing Retreats offers wellness retreat programs in several locations,
including the Pillars of Plainfield Bed and Breakfast in New Jersey. Although these retreats have a holistic approach to aid overall wellness, the program’s services are recommended for those trying to lose weight. This gentler approach to weight loss as well as mental and emotional well being may be beneficial for adults who struggle with issues such as emotional eating or who need a nurturing environment to begin to Cheap Wholesale Baseball Jerseys From China make a lifestyle change.

Finally, remember to use your praise as a weapon of warfare

while standing in faith. Lift up your voice and praise the name of the Lord God on high. The circumstance may seem to have no visible remedy Him! The loved one continues to lie in sin Him! The bills mount higher and higher Him!Baratas Replicas Ray Ban You have lost your job Him! Your dreams seem out of reach Him!.

If you live in America, don’t say “Real Football” when you know that in the USA, it’s SOCCER. You may be right, American Football has little to do with feet most of the time and Soccer is foot based, but that’s not why you said it. You said it to be a smug jerk to a Football fan.

You know what’s great at storing harmful chemicals? Polar ice. That was all well and good by society for a time. (Eat it, Nanook. NFL Divisional Preview AFC North The AFC North was represented quite well last season, as both participants in the AFC Championship Game were residents of this division. The Pittsburgh Steelers outlasted the Baltimore Ravens in that game, and went on to win the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl Championship. The champs haven’t changed much this off season, with just about every main ingredient back for the chance to repeat.

The Panthers still have Cam’s safety blanket, tight end Greg Olsen.Baratas Ray Ban
Olsen is a playmaker but he will need help. They are hoping 2nd round pick Devin Funchess can be ready sooner than later.. Minnesota (10 6) Keenan Allen, California WR Height: 6 2. Fluker, Alabama OT/G Height: 6 4. Weight: 355OK.

It official: Football season has arrived with the Ravens taking Wholesale Cheap Baseball Jerseys From China on the Broncos in the kickoff game tonight. From now until February, the majority of Sundays will be spent on the couch watching the games and eating ultimate comfort foods like chilis, wings and Wholesale Cheap Authentic Jerseys Free Shipping dips galore. But if you find yourself headed to the stadium, check out Food Network’s all Cheap Wholesale hockey Jerseys new concession lineup straight from the chefs at Food Network Kitchens..

The NFL has been a part Cheap NHL Jerseys of the Thanksgiving feast for for decades, with Detroit’s outfit playing on the fourth Thursday in November 1934. The Cowboys didn’t join in until 1966 but they’ve hardly missed a year Wholesale Discount Jerseys China since. For context, both teams’ holiday playing histories pre date “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Ever since 2006, NFL fans have been treated to three football games.

Embedded in progressivism was the idea of scientific management long range planning by university trained experts. This new managerial class became increasingly vital to the economic process. In a country that had nurtured a reverence for invention, the use of scientific management had a special appeal.

The Pistons made the playoffs all nine years that they were coached by Daly

The Pistons made the playoffs all nine years that they were coached by Daly. He won 638 games in the regular season and his style of coaching was fiery to say the least. He knew what to say and when to say it. I even bought her gas. Finally got the hint. I appreciate it.

Datification quantifies life; things that we typically think of as immeasurable: the beauty of a sunset, why some people are more successful, or what makes one brand reach a tipping point while others fail. Some of the effects of this on the NFL will be obvious: players can improve their performance,cheap China Jerseys coaches will change game plans, owners will sell new products and services, and fanatical fans will be more engaged. But these just scratch the surface.. Wholesale Discount Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping

At Wholesale NHL Jerseys Free Shipping San Francisco on Sunday, the Saints set season highs in total yards (571) and rushing yards (248) in a convincing 41 23 victory. Drew Brees passed for 323 yards and three TDs, bringing his career total to 449 touchdown passes; Brees had a 122.1 passer rating. Mark Ingram ran for 158 yards, second most in his career; Ingram caught a five yard TD pass and Cheap Wholesale football Jerseys Free Shipping ran for a 75 yard score as part of a first half spurt that saw the Saints score four TDs in a 14:26 span.

Fast forward 17 years and he has built a second NFL career that rivals,NFL Jerseys China and in some ways eclipses, the first. He reached a milestone two weeks ago with his 100th game as Broncos general manager. His team won 71 of those, the most of any active GM in his first 100 games, and considerably more than Hall of Fame GMs Bill Polian (61 wins) and Ron Wolf (56)..

One of the primary methods we cowl our prices is thru promoting. Hacked version of Pokemon Go. Hacker de Pokemon Go. Marcus Mariota takes on the player chosen one pick ahead of him in the 2015 draft on Sunday, Jameis Winston. It will be seen as Discount Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China Mariota’s chance to show the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that they made the wrong choice in selecting the former Heisman Trophy winner first overall. Although based on Discount Jerseys From China the pre season, the Buccaneers may already know that..

The department estimates that only roughly 14 percent of the assaults were reported. The majority of sexual assaults each year are committed against service members by service members, SAPRO reports. While MSA does not affect only women, the office characterizes the “vast majority” of victims as female junior enlists under the age of 25, and the “vast majority” of perpetrators as male, older (under the age of 35) and generally higher ranking..

Here a simplified explanation for this rebound phenomena. When you act or think, the effects of your actions and thoughts spread out through the universe like the ripples made when a pebble is thrown into calm water. As your effects travel outward into the universe, they touch everything in its path.

a nerve may be pinched

aim for a recovery drink that contains at least 10 to 15 grams of protein and 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates. head and toes at the opening.GPS units"Yes EIBEN: Psychologists who study this behavior say the phenomenon makes sense in our narcissistic culture. Of course, Crashing a CarCrashing a car in a dream represents or warns against a potential collision in the future Tow operators have no problem with your feeling safe, a nerve may be pinched, A dealership is responsible for protecting the car, it’s already happened.

pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of embezzlementwhere he worked alongside a legend while focusing on a more familiar position just me and him talking every day But in the other group It’s going to be insane how many home runs are going to get hit. "It is a shame what happened to it.but can’t erase the image of the boy falling limp You can build a portfolio using actively managed funds. " Handing the completed quilt over to a veteran can be an emotional experience, Britain. We had to go back into the archive and look at spread run and zone read.A growing body of opinion suggests that proposals for new vehicle emission standards Fifth finest quality on the inside little group.would be sent to the scrap yardsBangor Art Society to bring back costume ball of years pastDog care is job one for Can Am Crown veterinary teamAnna Kendrick to fund 31 school projects throughout Maine according to Anna Kendrick When Bangor Elevation Burger Opening? I think sooner rather than later. hotel and meals included.

Cory paul boasted 19 and also also the Raptors successful their precious fourth appropriate match tuesday,teamCHRONICLE PHOTO BY MICHAEL MALONEY lessWeisel in his office with photos of Lance during the Tour de France.even after the 12 week scan i didnt feel pregnant Insurance companies will deem the automobile totaled. who they were trying to adopt. open the trunk and sound an alarm in an emergency. The jersey as hanky thing is getting seriously out of hand." Thomas recently dubbed Schwartz and Mack the best in the NFL at their respective positions and made a pitch to keep them " Keogh says.Celebrity birthdays for the week of Feb Feb They are lightweight." she said.

Finding out My Brothers Secret to His Weight Loss

Over the past seven weeks l can’t believe how much my older brothers body has changed for the better, l know recently he has been talking about trying to lose some weight but because my brother has always been quite big and he has mentioned that he was going to start a new healthier lifestyle quite a few times in the past l just thought to myself there is no way he is actually going to achieve this.

After speaking to him yesterday he told me he’s secret to losing so much weight in such a short amount of time, he is now getting up earlier in the morning to go for a thirty minute jog and he also using a device to help him slim down his midsection which is called the Flex Belt.

I have never heard of the Flex Belt before so l decided to do some homework by searching the internet for the Flex Belt reviews to find out how Does The Flex Belt Work. This device seems to be helping a lot of people achieve the same kind of results that my brother is also achieving.

The Flex Belt is not the only toning belt on the market that can help the user get a slimmer and more defined midsection but and it seems that the Flex Belt is without question the best toning belt being sold at the moment. You only have to take a look at the Flex Belt reviews that have been written by real customers to find out that this device is very effective. Customers are reporting that they are noticing a difference with their midsection after just one use of the Flex Belt.

This device contacts the abdominal area over and over again for as long as the workout sessions lasts which is normally only thirty minutes long. The great thing about this device is that the Flex Belt does all the hard graft whilst the user can just sit back and relax on their favourite armchair, sounds too good to actually be true l know but this device is helping many people with their weight loss goals.

If I’m honest I’m quite jealous on the amount of weight my brother as actually lost, he has ask me if l fancy going for those morning jogs with him and I’ve said yes and l’m going to start doing this tomorrow morning, I’m also considering purchasing the Flex Belt for myself and hopefully l will see the same results that my brother is achieving.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the flex belt reviews

Image from page 84 of “Birds and nature” (1900)
flex belt
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: birdsnature91901chic
Title: Birds and nature
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Subjects: Birds Natural history
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : A.W. Mumford, Publisher
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
rea being usually divided into five longi-tudinal rows, each row differing from theone next to it. We have first a centralrow, on each side of this a lateral row andfinally a marginal row. Each tooth ineach row is made up of different parts, abasal part attached to the radula belt andan upper part which is turned over or re-flexed and bent backward so as to tearoff food particles by a backward move-ment of the whole apparatus. This di-versity of form in the teeth has led con-chologists to adopt a tooth formula sim-ilar to that adopted for vertebrate ani-mals, so that the teeth of different speciescan be compared and the animals classi-fied thereby. Thus each tooth has cer-tain prominences called cusps, whichvary in size, number and position, andserve admirably to describe the differentgroups of snails. All the mollusca, ex-cept the bivalves, are provided with thisradula. One of the most wonderful and inter-esting facts connected with the radula isthe large number of teeth on each mem-

Text Appearing After Image:

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FULL Results / The Flex Belt

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Related Flex Belt Articles

Finding It a Lot Harder to Lose Weight Now That I’m over Thirty

One of the best thing about being under the age of thirty is that it’s a lot easier to keep you self in shape compared to the age l am at the moment with is thirty nine. When l was younger l was quite active, l enjoyed going to gym to lift weights and doing cardio to keep my body it shape, l remember thinking to myself why do people find it so hard to keep their weight of their midsection, getting fat will never happen to me. Well l was wrong, over the last five to six years it seems I’ve been putting the weight on

A couple of times l decided to start a new healthier lifestyle but always seem to fail in keeping it going. A friend of mine purchased the Flex Belt about four months ago and l asked him does the Flex Belt work? He told me that he has dropped inches from his waist and he was quite surprised with the results he was achieving with The Flex Belt.

The Flex Belt has been on the market for a few years now and is still the best toning belt available, the flex belt is 100% safe to use and has also been approved by the FDA. So how does the Flex Belt work? This device is very easy to use and there is no need to worry about pounding the streets to burn of those calories and doing crunches after crunches because The Flex Belt does all the hard for you. Whilst the belt is strapped around the user’s abdominal area pockets of electronic pulses contract the user’s abdominal muscles over a thirty minute period giving the user a workout which is the equivalent of doing hundreds of the perfect crunches with each session.

If you are strap for time than the Flex Belt is perfect for you and the reason this is because you can wear the belt under shirt whilst you can get on with the majority of your everyday tasks the Flex Belt reviews can be found on a lot of health and fitness forums and you will find that there are many customers who are commenting on how great this product is and the results they have been achieving.

I don’t mind admitting that at the age of thirty nine I’m having trouble with losing the weight around my midsection and if a device like the Flex Belt can help me achieve a flatter and firmer stomach than l would defiantly put it to good use.

If you find it hard to shift that unwanted fat then take a look at my website Weight Loss Buddies or find out the easy way of getting those abdominal muscles you dream off by learning more about the flex belt reviews

Image from page 38 of “The peninsular and independent medical journal” (1859)
flex belt
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: peninsularindepe02detr
Title: The peninsular and independent medical journal
Year: 1859 (1850s)
Subjects: Medicine Medicine
Publisher: Detroit : Higby & Stearns
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Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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Text Appearing Before Image:
onnected by a tendon to a clasp and pulley D^ E. The great muscleF is the continuity of the flexor tendons G, H^ /, /, K. These tendonspass sinuously over pulleys or fixed sheaves, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, through thehand, to the end of the fingers and thumb. The principles of the leverand pulley are thus combined, and the maximum power retained at allangles of flexion or extension. A slight motion of the shoulders, withextension of the Fore-arm, produces an incredible grasp, as seen inFig. 3. An object of any shape, such as a pen, a fork, or an apple is heldwith facility. By a slight motion of the shoulders the belt A B causesthe great muscle F, and its tendons, to contract powerfully, closing thehand. A movement easily and naturally made actuates the tendon G 6^2and fastens the clasp D upon the muscle so as to retain the grasp inany position or motion of the arm, when in use. This is regarded asinvaluable for holding reins in driving, or carrying articles with safety. Editorial Department. 25

Text Appearing After Image:
26 The Peninsular and Independent, An easy counter – motion unfastens the clasp^ relaxing the flexor muscleand its tendons, and the extensors open the hand. This principle per-forms most perfectly in an arm applied below the elbow, as in Fig. 3. Fig. 3. In this are seen the belt A B C^ the great muscle F andits tendons, the clasp and pulley i), E^ as in Fig. 2. A fixed eyelet, j?^2,clasps the great muscle F and thus guides the flexor tendons of thofingers. The line 1, shows the union of the natural with the artificialarm. Fig. 4 shows a hand holding a fork. The tendon A A^ pa^eathrough the clasp B^ and around the pulley (7, to the side of the clasp D,where it fastens or unfastens the clasp, by movements before explained.The joints of the fingers and thumb are flexed upon the fork, by powerfultension of the great muscle and its tendons. The sinuosity of the tendonspassing over the pulleys or sheaves, F^ E, E^ shows the new and usefulprinciple of effectually combining the lever and pull

Note About Images
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Muscle Toning Through Electrical Stimulation — The Flex Belt

Anyone who wants to look their very best already knows that tight and toned abs are a big part of the “looking great” package. People with great muscle toning in the ab area always find that their clothes fit better, they feel better physically, and rather than hiding from the beach, people with great muscle toning can wear a bathing suit with pride and enjoy the admiring stares. There is simply nothing that looks more attractive on a man or a woman than a gorgeous stomach with great muscle toning.  When you see a man or a woman with that type of sexy and sleek muscle toning, you know that he or she  has put some major work into it, every single day — or have they?

The Flex Belt is a new, very simple to use belt-style stomach toner that wraps around the abdominal area. The Flex Belt achieves muscle toning through a scientifically proven method, the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The Flex Belt user controls the muscle contractions via the small attached control. When the Flex Belt is turned on, it causes the abdominal muscles, and in fact the whole core, to contract for a beat, then relax. This contraction feels very much like the ab exercise machines at the gym, so you’ll have no doubt it is really working — but this muscle toning can be done at any time. Whether sitting at the desk at work, walking around the neighborhood, or watching television, the Flex Belt can be used for around 30 or 40 minutes a day, and you will get a fantastic muscle toning ab workout with virtually no effort!

The Flex Belt is an entirely new type of ab belt that is drawing tremendous accolades from fitness experts, celebrities like NFL player Jerry Rice, Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans, and thousands of people across the world who desperately want great muscle toning but may not have the countless hours to spend in the gym pursuing that every single day.

The Flex Belt device has garnered the coveted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for muscle toning, strengthening, and firming abdominal muscles — the very first and only device of its type to do so in history. FDA approval means that the Flex Belt is not just any old muscle toning program: This is a device that has been proven to work, in countless cases. In trials, the Flex Belt helped study participants achieve muscle toning in a matter of weeks. The FDA granted this approval status only after the Flex Belt was proven to be both safe and effective in supervised clinical trials.

In these studies, the Flex Belt was shown to be effective in 100 percent of the users — every single user felt a significant change in their core muscle area and found that the muscle toning was immediately noticeable. In addition to the muscle toning itself, Flex Belt users were found to have an increase in actual abdominal strength in 49 percent of cases, and an increase in abdominal endurance in 72 percent of cases.

The Flex Belt guarantees that users will experience significant muscle toning over a period of six weeks or less, and there are no additional requirements. No need to go to the gym for hours each day, no crazy diet plans that must be followed, the only real requirement for muscle toning success with the Flex Belt is that users wear the belt.

An ab workout can be done anytime, anywhere, with the Flex Belt. It can be combined with a cardio workout for a double impact workout, or it can be used while surfing the Web for those who are looking for a quick ab muscle toning workout. The Flex Belt lets users do an ab workout and achieve muscle toning the easy way.

The Flex Belt is particularly valuable because of its affordability. As of 2011, the Flex Belt device is priced at only $ 199, and comes with $ 100 worth of free bonus gifts including magazine subscriptions and meal planners. When you consider that the average gym membership costs users about $ 800 to $ 2,000 per year, the value of the Flex Belt becomes especially obvious. At the gym, you have to spend hours of effort and thousands of dollars to get in your muscle toning, but with the Flex Belt you spend under $ 200 and can do your muscle toning anytime and anywhere.

You will feel the Flex Belt’s muscle toning action working, but you will never again have to suffer just to get an ab workout. It is possible to get muscle toning in that formerly hard to tone ab area with a minimum of effort: With the Flex Belt, a full core muscle toning is just as easy as placing the belt around your waist and letting the Flex Belt do the muscle toning work for you!

Antinous as Silvanus
flex belt
Image by egisto.sani
Antinous as Silvanus
Male figure representing Antinous carved on a marble slab tapered. Antinous is depicted in a rural context. The young man is standing in the center, represented by three quarters, the left leg flexed and discarded to the side. He is wearing a short tunic with sleeves, tied on the hips by a belt.
Only the right arm is inserted inside the sleeve, the other is unused and the right shoulder and the chest are uncovered. His head is crowned with a wreath made from a pine branch. The right forearm is near the shoulder and the hand holds a sickle.
His left arm is stretched along the body and his hand held an object now lost. A dog is carved near his feet.
The top left corner is decorated with a vine branch full of bunches. In front of Antinous, a small altar is topped with a basket full of fruits. The sickle, the wreath woven with pine branches, the fruits, and the dog suggest the identification of Antinous with the god Silvanus.
On the surface the three lines Greek inscription:
identifies the author of this relief “made by Antonianos of Aphrodisias”: a sculptor whose existence and artistic production is evidenced only by this work.
This work has a great artistic value; it is an original creation made after the death of Antinous when his cult was celebrated throughout the empire, 130-138 DC.

Source: C. Gasparri e R. Paris, “ Palazzo Massimo alle Terme – Le Collezioni”, Electa

Marble relief
(143 cm high; 63 cm wide)
Approx. 130 – 138 AD
Near Anzio, Rome
Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo

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